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Maggie and Oli in residence- Week 3- Linocut

Sophie- This is Maggie and Oli’s third Wednesday as artists called anyone in residence.  They are using the school holidays to have some mum and son printing time and this week they are trying out lino cut prints.  Over to Maggie…
We’re feeling very much revived after a few days at the beach. We had our print making eyes on whilst we were away and saw loads of great birds which have inspired us.  We have made some sketches and cut out designs.

photoOli blue wren-2

Oli set to work and has produced a linocut from his quick sketch and added colour. The text is from a Judith Wright poem. I think its a superb first lino print, produced with very little fuss. He has inspired me to push aside the perfectionist in me and take the plunge.  Less thinking and more doing will be my motto!

So on that note, my pelican…


We had a go at mono printing today, it works well with the sticky lino printing paints. Here’s Oli’s owl:


… and I couldn’t resist a haunted house scene with our black ink.


and finally, here’s one we prepared in colour! A hot day at the beach!




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One thought on “Maggie and Oli in residence- Week 3- Linocut

  1. Lovely work! It’s so great introducing kids to monoprinting – it really is a fun challenge for them to see their images “backwards”as they work on them and then print them.

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