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January wrap up


This month has been hectic.  I have been trying to rent out our house, sell cars, get rid of life’s clutter and do all of the jobs around the house we could have done years ago.  I have also been psychologically getting my head around moving to Germany.  I can almost picture getting on the plane.  I can’t quite picture getting out the other end.

An oasis in all the bustle has been this blog and particularly Maggie and Peter’s prints.  There is something simple, bold and solid about printing.  The process takes away the clutter and leaves the essence of what you are trying to portray.  Thanks again to Maggie and Oli for being artists in residence.  I continue to get a buzz when artwork and experiences exist because of the residency that otherwise would not have happened.

I particularly loved Maggie’s insight

I was initially worried that working along side each other might be disheartening for a young artist, but if anything, I’ve been the one to feel overshadowed!

Thank you both for your work.

I have needed the prompt to take time out this month with the kids to have a wee go at printing stuff as well. It wasn’t as much as I hoped but as I mentioned there has been a bit going on! I am hoping to have a go at lino printing soon, I have never tried it.

And I was glad to include this photo this month it brings a sense of calm to life’s journey.  The reminder that it will never be linear, but when viewed as a whole, may it be interesting.




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