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March- a month of photography


When packing up to move to Germany I found myself looking through old photograph albums from when I was a child.  It was the age of film, when photos where taken in much smaller quantities and cutting off people’s heads, closed eyes or having your subject as a distant dot seemed mandatory.  They seemed to be a relic from a past era, now days they would be deemed unworthy and be gone in one press of a button. The quality of the photos in my album was particularly appalling but when I thought about it some more I realized that I had probably scavenged the rejects.

This month I hope you will join me to celebrate photography with a ready to go delete button.  Usually I take photos in bursts, nothing for days and then a lots in one day. This month requires something each day, following whims and trying something new.

Stay with me.



I am an 'Artist Called Anyone' bringing creativity into my life and encouraging other artists called anyone to do the same.

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