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Plans Afoot

So what happened? This blog feels like an abandoned building, there was life and activity and then I suddenly moved out.

One day I got an email from WordPress congratulating me for having been registered with this blog for a year.  I think these emails are meant to inspire you to throw a party and keep blogging.  The opposite happened.  I looked at what I had done so far and stopped.  The blog was a great start, yet still a world away from what I wanted it to be.  I had demonstrated to myself that I enjoyed blogging that I could get good at it and that it was a positive thing in my life.  I loved the conversations I had with people, I loved taking photos, I enjoyed writing, I loved the feedback.   Yet, I had never promoted it very much because I wasn’t completely happy with it.  I want it to be really inspiring and frankly, at the moment, it isn’t.

Now I am ready to go onward with the journey.  The ‘Artist Called Anyone’ project is still in my heart, and I want to be proud of what it looks like online.  Over the next while I will be revamping and it will be onward and upwards!



I am an 'Artist Called Anyone' bringing creativity into my life and encouraging other artists called anyone to do the same.

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