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And so, I end where I began – at that rare moment when my children are asleep. I have to admit it’s 11.15 by the time the shuffling and fidgeting has stopped. And now you can glimpse the single beds the four of us have been sharing, the way the girls always seem to choose to sleep sideways, the attire on this hot Dusseldorf night. And the night is just beginning for Dom and I – it will no doubt be the wee hours before we reluctantly head to bed. Tomorrow, though, we drive the 6 hours to our new home in Berlin, so we’ll need some slumber!

To sum up this project, it was more difficult than I expected to take a photo a day at a specified time – and I’m afraid there are gaps. I think anything is perhaps difficult when you’re on the road with kids! I hope I’ll have a chance to focus more on the coming projects from a base once we’re in Berlin, when the kids are (finally) in kinder and we have some time and reliable wifi! Next month’s task is to learn a craft and I’m hoping that Sophie just might visit and teach me to knit with some beautiful Scottish wool I have tucked in my bag. Here’s hoping there’s a pic of a scarf or beanie by the end of the month! Katie


Here is the bar on the corner winding up for the night… and with it this monthly photography project winds up too.

For me, taking photo a day while being on the move meant I was often taken by surprise when the alarm went off.  Sometimes the timing just felt all wrong! I wasn’t in the mood, or I was somewhere uninspiring for the allocated time.  This, of course was part of the point for me, to take photos of different things, at different times, than I normally would.  When I look through my childhood family albums with their scarcity of photos, they jump from birthday to birthday to Christmas to holidays.  With digital cameras and the ability to take more photos more cheaply, that has changed, but actuallyI still tend to pull out the camera for the same type of things, usually when the children are doing something photogenic. It goes, playing, dressing up, kids at castle, birthday…  This project pulled me out of my routine.  There are a few duds in there but that’s all good, for me it was the point.  I wasn’t sure initially about the moving through the day thing.  It certainly confused me but when I look through the photos all together and see the progression, I like it.  I really like it!…Sophie



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