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September with wool…

After a photo project last month, requiring daily attention, I quickly shifted back into my old habits.  Something made of wool by the end of the month.  No problem, I’ll do it next week, actually next week, maybe next week, is it really the 29th?  OK TODAY!

I love little gnomes, which I have made in the past, but this time I experimented with needle felting the hats and clothes.

Yesterday I went out for an autumn photo shoot and here they are.

Note to self… deadlines are good, the more the better!

Katie’s unfinished beanie

photo (1) copy

Sophie has been far more productive for our wool September that I have and I am now itching to learn how to make some felted gnomes! We got together for a few days in Sept and the poor girl tried to teach me how to knit, but I think I tossed in the needles after about 15 minutes. SO, I have returned to crochet. I used to crochet beanies (albeit badly) a good 15 years ago and it was nice to have an excuse to try my hand at it again. I’ve not got far yet, but I am determined to finish this for my daughter. The wool is fine and so so soft – it’s fiddly but so beautiful; a pleasure to work with. I even did a row or two while my daughter tried to go to sleep, instead of lying with her and twiddling my thumbs. I’ll post a pic when it’s done. Yes, deadlines are good – even if we’re a little late!



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