About this blog

If you are a person and you are breathing this blog is for you!  If you love being creative and you know what a buzz it can bring, it is for you and if you feel that you really really really, ‘no really I mean it’, are not an artist- it is for you most of all.

An Artist Called Anyone is a project aiming to bring creative energy and interest into  everyday life.  It is about persuading us to set aside the fear of creating bad art, instead, experimenting, learning skills and having fun making art more often.  Here is a chance to try lots of different ideas and see what inspires you.  On the way there may be gorgeousness and creations that are odd and ugly,  transient sand sculptures, and other creations that your children will cherish. It is about connecting and learning from others and about creativity on a community scale.

We believe that more you try to bring creative activities into your day, the more interesting and enjoyable your life becomes.  We want you to experience that.  We promise we won’t ask you to do anything that we haven’t asked ourselves to do, we are ‘artists called anyone’ too.

So this is what we want you to do…

Take 15 minutes (or less) to do one of the following, your choice.  Really, you can do anything for 15 minutes.

If you have more time…

And if you have an exuberance of time…


What do you think?

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