About being ‘An Artist Called Anyone, in Residence’

Positions VACANT!!!

I am excited to launch the ‘Artist Called Anyone’ in Residence program in October 2013.

Any Warhol promised 15 minutes of fame, I am offering a month!  I am seeking  ‘Artists Called Anyone’ to become a guest blogger for a calendar month.  You will write a blog entry to be published each Wednesday and as artist in residence your themes and interests will guide the blog for that month.

You get a creative push, fame, glory (well it is early days, but who knows), your own little corner of, and experience of, the blogosphere and to share and connect with other creative types.

Each calendar month there will be a new Artist in Residence.  In keeping with the spirit of this blog you can be, well, anyone.  You may be someone who views creating art as pure torture but who is willing to turn to the light and embrace the pain publicly.   You may be a lapsed creative type, looking for a push and some structure to get you back into it.   You may be someone with an established identity as an artist, happy to share what you have learned along the way.

The Artist in Residence will feature each Wednesday with entries such as:

  • If Art were a person how would you describe your relationship?
  • A challenge or goal for your month in residence with progress updates
  • Some of your work you are proud of and/or your entry into the museum of bad art,
  • Art you admire and,
  • Tutorial style posts

Get in early.   Please contact via a comment  if you are keen,

The Artist Called Anyone in Residence Hall of Fame

October 2013- Janet Hope- Illustration

November2013- Joe Hope- Writing

December 2013- Sally Black- Drawing/Painting

January 2014- Maggie and Oli- Printmaking

Sophie (an artist called anyone)


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