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ARTernoon tea

Today I hosted my first ARTernoon tea.   OK, so I have to be honest here, it was originally billed as a Crafternoon Tea, but the idea is the same.  The concept combines three of my favorite things.  Food, friends and creating things.

As host I  chose the activity, which was to make little gnomey creatures which  I love to look at and the kids love to play with.   They can be made within a couple of hours and each is a unique reflection of its creator.

So how did it go?

There were a few unfinished touches but everyone went away with a gorgeous and unique creature, who hadn’t existed when they arrived.  Love it!

Afterwards I was left wondering what took me so long.  All I needed was 10 minutes to send out an invitation, 20 mins to make never fail scones, and then the afternoon set aside to spend doing what I enjoy with fabulous people.  ( I have to say at this point that I have a large supply of ideas and stash of supplies so that didn’t need to factor in. )  So why did it take so long?

Anyway if this idea presses your buttons, just do it.  You may want to host a painting get together, a video making afternoon, or a poetry writing/reading gathering.  You may want to create your own gnome fellows.

Pick a date,

grab your phone,

send a text or email invitation to your group of friends

and work out the details later

scone recipe to follow