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Friday kids art- Finger print scenes

Today we combined our rolling pin and plastic prints with finger print people



The snowstorm


Getting a ride


On the beach


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Death with a smile

My son works in themes.  War has been a recent one and in his naive state war machines are drawn in a wonderful patchwork of colour.  His are the friendliest tanks you will find.  People being attacked are pretty happy too.  A man smiles away as he is attacked from 3 directions, with seemingly little chance of survival..

I hate war, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it but If I have to have a picture of a tank in the house, then may it always be a rainbow one.

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An Artful Christmas- for kids

My kids LOVE anything to do with Christmas and are having a great time with Christmas art


Decorating the door wreath


Making Christmas Cards

This is Santa riding in his sleigh up high in the sky.  It is fun!


‘Santa and the Birds’

Santa is friends with the birds and each year he gives them a gift of lovely decorations for their trees and sometimes he gives them fairy lights to light up their tree at night.


What the birds are doing for Christmas.

The birds are finding decorations to decorate their nest.  And the rabbits are their friends and they are looking for very old decorations from underground.  And if you put fairy lights on a tree the birds will bring the decorations they have found and will live in it with the old decorations that the rabbits found.


The top one fell down
one is a person tree
one is all green
they are Christmas trees


And making Christmas jigsaws as gifts!


Your turn… Make a homemade Christmas card, start with a cut our piece of wrapping paper and incorporate it into the card.  Send the love…

Sophie, an artist called anyone.

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Googly eyes a monster maketh

Artists date:   Suspend judgement- Just experiment and have fun.

You will need,

  1. card or paper,
  2. scissors
  3. googly eyes or white paper and black felt tip marker to draw some eyes, to cut around and stick on.

Take a piece of paper or cardboard, draw and/or cut out a random body shape

Stick on googly eyes

Admire your work and make some more!  Have fun and see what you come up with.  IMG_6006

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Drought to flood: What to do with kids’ art.


If my children ask to paint at home I have to admit to an inward sigh.   While I love what they produce, I can’t help questioning if the set up and clean up is worth it.  They are messy artists and the clean up often lasts longer than the painting session.   When my son went to a 3 year old playschool I was delighted that he would be able to paint and glue to his hearts content, fling the paint around the room, paint the easel, paint with his hands and generally engage in the experience with all of his senses.  I sent him in his oldest clothes anticipating great things.

The playschool was gorgeous.  They had the painting easel set up every day.   Inside there were multiple craft activities.  The thing is that they also had dress ups, a sand pit, diggers, and water play and huge building blocks, dinosaurs, wooden blocks, jigsaws AND a home corner.  The easel didn’t get a glance.  Each day I went to collect him I would look wistfully at the rack of paintings drying in the wind and ask if there was any to take home.  There never was.

The day I was a parent helper I finally coaxed him over to the easel and he produced a single colour, painting, produced in 30 seconds entitled ‘there, are you happy, can I go and play now.’ the next time I picked him up and asked about any painting to take home, he asked ‘why do you want another one?’

Why indeed?  Because I had visions of a house bursting with multicolored rainbow and flower paintings.  Be careful what you wish for.  I now understand the sighs of the parents whose child had produced another 4 massive paintings.  We ourselves went very suddenly from a house with a dearth of paintings to a house filled with piles of unsorted paintings and a feeling of responsibility of being a curator for the retrospective exhibition ‘my son the artist’.

So what to do when the drought ends?

Step 1:


Make a box to keep them in.  Wrap it in artwork or


wrap it in blank paper for decorating (almost got my rainbow!)

Step 2: Develop a seamless system of processing art work

Exhibit on fridge- one on one off system

After exhibition on the fridge- choice between (in reverse order of prestige), recycling bin, wrapping paper, storage box, and stint in frame.