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Death with a smile

My son works in themes.  War has been a recent one and in his naive state war machines are drawn in a wonderful patchwork of colour.  His are the friendliest tanks you will find.  People being attacked are pretty happy too.  A man smiles away as he is attacked from 3 directions, with seemingly little chance of survival..

I hate war, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it but If I have to have a picture of a tank in the house, then may it always be a rainbow one.

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Sally Black- Christmas lunch

Sally Black, your dedicated artist in residence presents… Christmas Lunch. Even in my overfed state, it still looks sensational.






Thank you so much Sally for sharing this.  Art is a lucky friend indeed to be sharing your Christmas lunch.

I have had a wonderful day and I hope you have as well.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Sally Black, Artist in Residence- Nest Studies


I find nests so beautiful, complex, exciting and each one leaves me wondering how on earth each bird could possibly put it together.

Nests with spider’s web, wire, plastic sheep’s wool, clothing fibres (including bits of fluffy hood trims from 3-year-old’s coats hanging on the coat rack at work…) ALL individual and worthy of a sketch !!!

IMG_1733 IMG_1763 IMG_1790 IMG_2258 IMG_2262

This is the third in Sally’s series as artist in residence for a bigger picture of her talents see also collections and random sketches of ordinary things  Thanks Sally for sharing your work!

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An Artful Christmas- for kids

My kids LOVE anything to do with Christmas and are having a great time with Christmas art


Decorating the door wreath


Making Christmas Cards

This is Santa riding in his sleigh up high in the sky.  It is fun!


‘Santa and the Birds’

Santa is friends with the birds and each year he gives them a gift of lovely decorations for their trees and sometimes he gives them fairy lights to light up their tree at night.


What the birds are doing for Christmas.

The birds are finding decorations to decorate their nest.  And the rabbits are their friends and they are looking for very old decorations from underground.  And if you put fairy lights on a tree the birds will bring the decorations they have found and will live in it with the old decorations that the rabbits found.


The top one fell down
one is a person tree
one is all green
they are Christmas trees


And making Christmas jigsaws as gifts!


Your turn… Make a homemade Christmas card, start with a cut our piece of wrapping paper and incorporate it into the card.  Send the love…

Sophie, an artist called anyone.

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Collections- Sketching what is important to you – or someone else!

Welcome back to Sally Black our Artist in Residence who is joining us each Wednesday for December.  Here she is…

It is fun to gather some objects that are important in your life or represent a special time , then sketch them.

It does not matter about accuracy with this – the fun of thinking about what is important to you is the challenge.

This is what I came up with….


Here is another I created for a friend for his birthday – a lot of fun to do !!!


Note from Sophie- you saw this coming… Your turn, don’t think too much, pick one thing which is important to you, then another, then another and when you have some, pick up your pen and off you go.  It is that easy to give it a go!

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Watercolours are the guitar of art

I love watercolour paints!   As an Artist Called Anyone, untrained and unconfident in painting and sketching, they are soothing on the eye, relaxing to use and easy to clean up!


If you liken art materials to learning an instruments they are the guitar of art materials.  Even as a beginner, guitar has a soothing sound and you can whack out chords easily, even if you are not sounding every string exactly as you, or the chord chart intended.

So today I did introduce my pen and sketchbook and gave it a go, and I enjoyed it and went back for more.  The good thing about pen is you can’t correct so you just have to go with it.  Wonky perspective can just stay wonky.  And wonky it is, and it is all good…


First I tried a castle, just making it up…


Then the couch


Then the advent calendar.

Your turn… Draw a picture of something you can see and fill it in with watercolours, or food colouring, or pencils or whatever you have to hand.  Just give it a go, don’t look for excuses.  Just go for it, you can do anything for 15 minutes!

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Sally Black, Artist in Residence- Random Sketches of Ordinary Things!!

I love to see the extraordinary in the ordinary – here are some odd quick sketches that I did last year with the challenge of doing a quick sketch each day till I filled my little sketchbook . I used a uniball pen and committed to the lines I created – good or bad, then added a little bit of colour from my trusty watercolour travel palette.

Here are some of the quirky ones..

a CPR dummy at the first aid course


My son having an eye test.


Visiting a sick friend at the hospital.


My early morning double shot from Ricardo’s on the way to work.


My work !! – before the 22 children arrive !


Everything but the….




All images are original works by Sally Black.  Please do not use these works without permission.