Sophie Kneebone

Wh20060428_CRW_3705en I was at University, I enrolled in a ceramics course, the first week we were asked to create ourselves in clay.  We took our clay selves outside to a park and chose somewhere where we wanted to be.  We visited each clay person in turn and introduced ourselves…

Hello, my name is Sophie, I am an abstract form,  I am happy with who I am.  Right now I like to sit under a tree, in the shade, on the grass.  I have a wandering side, when you next visit the park, I may be somewhere else, I will come back though.

I make things from what I find around me and watch what is going on in the park.   Sometimes I meet other people there.  I get a buzz from it.  I hope it is reciprocated.  Under my tree I am largely protected from the elements but I like to dance in the rain sometimes.

In the class, there was a clay someone who leaped into the fountain. I liked the idea but it wasn’t for me.

It is years on and I now have two little clay people who I co-created.  I try to let them find their own form but they are only little and I tweak them from time to time.  They climb all over me. Sometimes I get squashed, mostly I love it.

I believe that

  • Creativity refuels you and makes the rest of life more fun
  • There is no need to be scared of creating ‘bad’ art, at least you are creating art
  • You don’t need lots of time or money to be creative, just intent
  • A great place to start is reused or natural materials
  • There are other creative types at every turn, waiting to meet you
  • Some of the best art is transient, it reminds you to enjoy the process
  • Kids are the purest creative types, they make great teachers
  • If you look for something different every time you walk down your street, you will enjoy the walk more…

What do you think?

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